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Photoelastic Coating Materials

Major developments in the application of two- and three-dimensional photoelasticity, as well as photoelastic coatings, occurred only after the introduction of suitable materials. Selection of optimum photoelastic medium is essential in stress analysis. We supply a variety of photoelastic materials to meet different needs and applications.

PhotoStress® Coating Materials and Adhesives ( Datasheet)

How to Select Photoelastic Coatings ( Technical Note TN-704-2)

Pre-Casted flat sheets for coating of flat parts or areas

  • PS-1: An excellent high-sensitivity plastic for application on metals. Easy to machine. Supplied with a reflective backing for enhanced bond ability.
  • PS-3: High elongation (>50%), clear.
  • PS-4: High elongation (>50%), clear.
  • PS-6: Extra high elongation (>100%), clear.
  • PS-10: Clear epoxy sheet. General purpose plastic. Joins exceptionally well to itself, making it useful for multi-sheet models that require bonding.

Liquid plastic for coating complex shaped parts


Custom Materials and Models

  • For custom design of photoelastic 3D models or other needs, please contact us
Photoelastic Coating Materials
  • Photoelastic Coating Materials
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